Our public trek dates, our prices – and what is included in your trekking package

Our Dates

The following table shows the schedule for public treks for this year and next, along with the per person price to join each one. This table is changed regularly as bookings are added, so if you can’t find anything to suit you now, it’s worth returning to this page at a later date to see if anything suitable has been added.

You notice that we give a range of prices for each trek. The first price is the one you’ll pay if you are booking for eight or more people. The second, higher price is the one you pay if there are only one or two people in your booking. (Basically, the more people you can get to trek with you, the cheaper the price will be!)

For the actual price you’ll pay, please see the price table below.

What if the dates on which I wish to trek are not listed in the table below?

If there are two or more of you, we can arrange a trek for whatever dates you want, and on whatever route you want – for the same price as if you had joined one of the scheduled treks below (and, again, if there are three or more of you it will actually be cheaper than the prices advertised below). Please note that, unless you specify that you want a private trek, we will try to add other trekkers to your party by advertising your climb on this page.

Why do you call some of your treks ‘full moon week‘ treks rather than just full moon treks? 

Do note that our full moon treks do not necessarily summit on the full moon night. We find that the night of the full moon is the busiest time of any month on the summit. As a result the summit is too crowded, meaning you may have to wait for up to 20 minutes to get your photo taken by the sign! The trails, too, on the days leading up to the full moon, are too busy and queues can form – all of which detracts from the whole experience of climbing Africa’s Highest Mountain.

So for this reason we organise treks that do take place during the week of the full moon, but do not necessarily summit on the full moon night. That way, you get to avoid the worst of the crowds, while still enjoying the extra light for your night-time push to the summit provided by the (almost) full moon.

June 2024
Full Moon week Alternative Lemosho Route trek16-23 June 202410 days8 daysUS$2679-US$3079
Alternative Lemosho Route trek25 June - 2 July 202410 days8 daysUS$2679-US$3079
July 2024
Alternative Lemosho Route trek25-31 July 20249 days7 daysUS$2429-US$2829
New Moon week Alternative Lemosho Route trek29 July - 5 August 202410 days8 daysUS$2679-US$3079
August 2024
Machame Route trek9 August - 14 August 20248 days6 daysUS$2049-US$2449
Alternative Lemosho Route trek17-24 August 202410 days8 daysUS$2679-US$3079
September 2024
Super Moon week Alternative Lemosho Route trek16-23 September 202410 days8 daysUS$2679-US$3079
New Moon week Alternative Lemosho Route trek30 September - 7 October 202410 days8 daysUS$2679-US$3079
October 2024
Full Moon week Alternative Lemosho Route trek14-21 October 202410 days8 daysUS$2679-US$3079
New Moon week Machame Route trek28 October - 2 November 20248 days6 daysUS$2049-US$2449
November 2024 (rainy season)
December 2024
New Year at the Summit Rongai Route trek27 December 2024 - 2 January 20259 days7 daysUS$2449-US$2849
January 2025
Full Moon week Alternative Lemosho Route trek6-13 January 202510 days8 daysUS$2679-US$3079
New Moon week Alternative Lemosho Route trek27 January - 3 February 202510 days8 daysUS$2679-US$3079
February 2025
Alternative Lemosho Route trek5-12 February 202510 days8 daysUS$2679-US$3079
Full Moon week Alternative Lemosho Route trek10-17 February 202510 days8 daysUS$2679-US$3079
New Moon week Rongai Route trek23 February - 1 March 20259 days7 daysUS$2449-US$2849
March 2025
Full Moon week Alternative Lemosho Route trek9-16 March 202510 days8 daysUS$2679-US$3079
New Moon week Machame Route trek25-30 March 20258 days6 daysUS$2049-US$2449

1) Prices: The prices listed are the per person prices. The greater the number of people in your booking, the lower the per person price will be. So the first price given in the price range is if there are 8 or more people in your booking; while the higher price is the one you’ll pay if you are booking just for yourself or with just one other person.

For the actual price you’ll pay, please see the price table below.

2) The ‘TRIP DURATION” column includes the nights before and after the trek which you spend in a hotel in Arusha and which is included in the trek package. The next column, ‘DAYS ON THE MOUNTAIN’, is the total number of days you will spend trekking on Kilimanjaro.

3) Rates are subject to TANAPA Park Fee increases – sometimes without significant prior notice.

4) These rates refer to a fully inclusive package with two nights accommodation on a B&B basis, airport transfers etc. You can find out exactly what is and isn’t included by looking below.

5) Don’t forget – for the answers to any questions not answered in this section – just send us an email!

Our Kilimanjaro Trek Prices

The following are the current prices for our trek. There are some important things to note about this table:

  1. All prices in the table below are per person. Note that while the prices are in US dollars (US$), you can pay in a variety of currencies including pounds sterling (£), euros (€), Australian dollars (AU$) and many others.
  2. If you are a solo trekker, you can either book a private trek – in which case, the prices in the first column are relevant; or you can opt to join one of our public treks, in which case the prices in the second column are for you.
  3. The number of trekkers on the top row refer to the number of people in your booking, not the number of people on your trek as a whole. So, for example, if there are four people in your booking, but eight people on the trek in total (ie your group plus four others), then you pay the four-person price, not the eight-person price.
  4. The prices for two or more people are the same whether you book a private trek or join a public one.
  5. Though it is possible to ascend to the summit and descend again in just five days, the minimum duration for our treks is six days. We think that five-day treks do not give trekkers sufficient time to acclimatise properly, so for reasons of safety we will not book treks that are less than six days in length.
  6. There are significant discounts to be had for trekkers under 16 years old and for those with an East African passport. These discounts can amount to almost US$1000 on the longer treks. The discount comes from reductions in the various park fees. (You can read more about these discounts in the guide book that we send you when you book with us.) We promise to pass on every last cent of this reduction to you, and will not take any profit from this for ourselves. You will have to send us a scan of your passport or proof of age in advance in order to get these discounts.
  7. If you require a trek that isn’t listed in the table – an 8-day Machame trek, for example, or 9-day Lemosho Route – then just get in touch and we’ll quote you a price; as a guideline, expect each extra day to cost about US$250 per person.

1 trekker
joining a
public trek
2 trekkers (either joining a public trek or booking a private trek)3 trekkers(either joining a public trek or booking a private trek)4-5 trekkers (either joining a public trek or booking a private trek)6 trekkers (either joining a public trek or booking a private trek)7 trekkers (either joining a public trek or booking a private trek)8 or more trekkers (either joining a public trek or booking a private trek)1 trekker (on a PRIVATE
Machame Route
6 days
Machame Route
7 days
Rongai Route
6 days
Rongai Route
7 days
Official and Alternative Lemosho
7 days
Official and Alternative Lemosho
8 days
Umbwe Route
6 days
Umbwe Route
7 days
Full Circuit Umbwe Route
7 days
Full Circuit Umbwe Route
8 days
Marangu Route
6 days
Marangu Route
7 days

What’s included in the price

Please note that our prices are not the absolute cheapest on the mountain: our policy towards the welfare of porters and our dedication to a high standard of service means that our prices will never be rock bottom. Nevertheless, a brief search of the Internet will hopefully convince you that our prices are the best value on the mountain.

What’s included in our Kilimanjaro trek…
  • Copy of the bestselling Kilimanjaro guide to help you prepare for your trip before you arrive in Tanzania
  • Transfers to and from Kilimanjaro International Airport
  • Two nights stay in a hotel on B&B basis (usually one before the trek and one after)
  • Transfers to and from the mountain
  • All park fees, camping fees, rescue fees and permits while on the mountain
  • All camping equipment (save for those items specified below)
  • All food and drink on the mountain
  • Wages of trek crew (guide/assistant guides, cooks and porters) at KPAP rates
  • Financial failure protection so your money is safe!
  • Personal advice and service every step of the way leading up to your trek from Kilimanjaro’s number one expert, Henry Stedman – the author for the past 19 years of the bestselling guide to the mountain!
…and what’s not:

Flights (we can advise you on which flights go to and from Kilimanjaro); Visas; hire of clothing, trekking poles, head-torches and sleeping bags for the mountain; Insurance; Souvenirsfood and drink away from the mountain (except for those meals that are part of your B&B booking at your hotel); tips/gratuities for your mountain crew (see the book for details); side trips/extensions in addition to your trek, such as excursions or safaris to the Serengeti, Ngorongoro or Zanzibar etc.